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GO & Associates offers many services that can be utilized by an individual, an organization whether private or governmental, a business, service group or anyone seeking to improve their personal safety or the safety of an organization.  

GO Security Network                                                                   

The GO Security Network provides safety and security to individuals, homes, businesses, planned developments or any events than require control without a rigid approach.  We conduct investigations that you need.   Our executives have over 60 years of experience. We can provide you with the level of security you desire.   As with all our projects we are discrete and decorum.

Training Consultation & Expert Witness                    

Teaching how to survive physical confrontations, then document the incident and finally give an explanation as to why incidents occurred.  Were you right, were you wrong or were you confused because you haven't been trained to properly handle incidents you have been told to handle. If you're looking to make your workplace a safer location for employees, educate your staff on workplace violence or how to not be caught up in a hostile work environment or sexual harassment, we have the training for you. 

Veracity Report Writing System Training                       

 If you have to account for your actions, the Veracity Report Writing System Training is exactly what you need.  Designed to construct reports with risk, liability and prosecutorial aspects in mind. Justifying your actions has never been easier to document.  There will be no surprise questions when you are on the witness stand because now your report is your script for your courtroom testimony.   A script that insures you documented the incident, leaving no question unaswered.        

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